The Favored Genius 46

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The Favored Genius Doctor and Businesswoman – Chapter 46 – A Ruthless Girl (心狠手辣的女孩子)

In her past life, when Jing Yunzhao had accidentally killed Qiao Weimin, Qiao Hongye and the Qiao family members had also looked like this. They also walked in, incensed, looking as if they were ready to kill.

“Mom, how’s Biao-di’s (younger male cousin) condition?” Eldest Biao-ge immediately asked when he saw his family only to see their Eldest Aunt sigh.

“We don’t know yet, but when we came, the doctor said that it’s very serious. He lost too much blood and they might not be able to save him…” Won’t you please read this at mehtranslations. wordpress. com ?

After Eldest Biao-ge heard that, he sighed in relief.

Jing Yunzhao’s cooly watched him make that expression, her eyes filled with disdain.

They were said to have a good familial relationship, yet in order save himself, he wanted the other to die. Without the testimony of the victim, he would have an easier time pushing the blame onto her. These kinds of people disgusted her…

“It was all your fault! Jing Yunzhao! If it weren’t for you, my Third Biao-ge wouldn’t have ended up in this state!” Lu Jia shouted as she remembered how well her Third Biao-ge had treated her in the past.

Jing Yunzhao had never wanted to say anything, but when she heard Lu Jia say this in front of so many people, she refused to hold it in anymore. “Because of me? The ones who cornered me into a fight was your group! The ones who injured one of their own were also you and your group! Yet now you want to push the blame onto me? What kind of logic is this?!”

Lu Jia instantly started to panic, “You’re spouting nonsense! You were the one who smashed the rock onto my Third Biao-ge!”

“Ha! So even you know the weapon was a rock!” Jing Yunzhao injected coldly. “Officer, now that things have gotten so serious, surely the weapon has also been brought back. Why don’t we just test it? It has the blood of the victim and it should also have the attacker’s fingerprints, right?”

After she said that, everyone present were all dumbfounded.

Things had happened too sudden and too fast. They had all forgotten about the rock and only thought of pushing the blame…

Especially that Eldest Biao-ge, his face was originally quite handsome before, but now he looked somewhat sinister and panic-stricken. He glared at Jing Yunzhao as his heart was in a mess and saw the jacket Jing Yunzhao was holding. He suddenly remembered something and his eyes lit up.

“Not true! When Jing Yunzhao fought us, she had a jacket. She wrapped her hands with her jacket when she was holding the rock. That’s why the rock doesn’t have her fingerprints! And I… Because I tried to stop her by snatching the rock from her, the rock has my fingerprints…” The Eldest Biao-ge quickly explained.

His strange expression made the officer frown. Even his own mother thought that it was weird.

But he was still her own son. How could she not believe him?

With a face of pain and anger, she denounced Jing Yunzhao. “How on earth is there such a ruthless girl like you?! If something happens to my nephew, even if we have to use up all of our family’s finances, we’ll make sure you sit in jail forever!”

“Words shouldn’t be said so lightly!” Jing Yunzhao swept her eyes over the married woman before looking at that Eldest Biao-ge. “Yes, I did use a jacket to cover my hands, but if you look at the folds on this jacket, it was only covering one hand. I can’t grab that rock with one hand, can I? Additionally, officer, the reason I did so was not because I didn’t want to leave evidence. It was because it was in the middle of the night and it was hard to see. I was only trying to defend myself. I didn’t want to accidentally cause injury, so I used the jacket like that to reduce the impact!”

Jing Yunzhao had never thought things would end up like this.

Her original plan was, indeed, to leave no evidence while punishing them so these people wouldn’t point fingers at her even after losing.

But the moment Eldest Biao-ge picked up the rock, her heart turned cold. Even though they were people who had nothing against each other, he wanted to kill her!

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