The Favored Genius 45

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The Favored Genius Doctor and Businesswoman – Chapter 45 – Framing (栽赃陷害)

When the Eldest Biao-ge’s voice dropped, not only were the other two cousins dumbfounded, even Lu Jia was looking at him in disbelief.

However, that Eldest Biao-ge was already possessed by a demonic and glared sharply at Lu Jia, “If we weren’t trying to avenge you today, things wouldn’t have turned out this way!”

Lu Jia’s eyes turned red, feeling extremely wronged.

Though, when she thought about it, Eldest Biao-ge was right. With Third Biao-ge like that, when she returned, Third Aunt would definitely not let her off. But, if Eldest Biaoge was also going to be punished for being involved, then Eldest Aunt would also be furious. Her parents were already quite upset with her lately…

Under these circumstances, she could only push the blame onto Jing Yunzhao. That was the only way to save her eldest Biao-ge.

By then, her Third Aunt’s anger would also be transferred onto Jing Yunzhao. She might even be able to escape from everyone’s criticism.

It was as if there was a demon within her too, enticing her. Looking at Third Biao-ge lying in his pool of blood, then turning to Jing Yunzhao’s cold expression, Lu Jia’s hatred only deepened.

If it weren’t for Jing Yunzhao, nothing would have happened to them!

“Eldest Biao-ge! Call the police! Don’t let Jing Yunzhao get away!” Lu Jia’s sentence instantly established her position in this matter.

The other two cousin’s were already panicking immensely, understanding that they couldn’t avoid being involved in this situation. When they heard what Lu Jia said, they didn’t dare say more. They also wanted Jing Yunzhao to take the blame.

They were all children with parents. If something were to really happen, their families would be distressed, but Jing Yunzhao was different!

Wasn’t she an orphan? No one would be affected even if she was to end up in jail!

Seeing them clearly on the same side, Eldest Biao-ge was finally able to relax. With shaking hands, only then did he call the police.

However, they were all still so young and inexperienced. With such a huge thing going on, they completely forgot about the all important evidence. But of course, with Jing Yunzhao there, she would never let them wipe the fingerprints off of the rock.

The police and an ambulance soon arrived at the scene. Seeing the faces of these youngsters, the faces of these police officers were also not pleasant.

Jing Yunzhao didn’t think of running away at all, so she cooperated and casually got into a police car. On the other hand, the injured Third Biao-ge that had lost a significant amount of blood, was still alive. He was carried into the ambulance and was then speedily driven away. Won’t you please read this at mehtranslations. wordpress. com ?

“Officer, it was Jing Yunzhao who did it. She was the one who smashed the rock onto Third Biao-ge!” Lu Jia, who with a face of terror and trying her best to calm down, declared.

“That’s right! That’s right! Officer, look at all the injuries on our bodies. She knows martial arts. It was all her doing!” Eldest Biao-ge’s eyes were red, looking quite impatient.

The other two could only hang their heads low in fear and trepidation. They neither spoke nor did they refute the claim.

This matter had already been reported to their parents and they should be arriving soon. But Jing Yunzhao had cut all ties with the Qiaos, thus they had no one to contact. In the end, she thought about it and decided to call Grandpa Gan.

She didn’t want to bother Grandpa Gan with her own problems, but she was living under Grandpa Gan’s roof after all. She had the responsibility to let him know too, so that he wouldn’t worry.

Jing Yunzhao didn’t say anything the entire time and calmly waited for Gan Songbai’s arrival.

Without an adult present, whatever she said would only be a waste of her breath.

Before Gan Songbai showed up, Lu Jia’s mother and her three aunts had arrived. The ones who came were all women. The men were probably all at the hospital, but these women were too scary. When they came in, they all had an evil and threatening appearance.

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