The Favored Genius 44

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The Favored Genius Doctor and Businesswoman – Chapter 44 – You Killed Him (人是你杀的)

Even though she only practiced martial arts at night, she wasn’t practicing for nothing. Those brothers’ hands hadn’t even started to reach out when Jing Yunzhao swung her foot mercilessly, hitting straight towards their crotches. They instantly backed away, swaying quite unsteadily.

Jing Yunzhao’s attack stunned them.

They still hadn’t recovered their wits when they heard Lu Jia’s angry and panicking voice. She was pinching her nose. “Ge! My nose is bleeding! It hurts!”

Lu Jia’s voice brought the four men back from shock. Their rage grew, and they then started to throw punches towards Jing Yunzhao.

Jing Yunzhao dodged, her movements a bit stiff. As a punch flew past her ear, her heart sank. His eyes flashed with murderous intent, and she kicked out with her foot. She quickly grabbed onto an arm that appeared in front of her and twisted it.

The last time with Lu Jia had only been a one-sided fight on her part. This time, though, it would be different. It was the first time she had ever encountered something like this in her two lifetimes.

However, she kept feeling that these people weren’t as fast as she expected. She had some difficulty dealing with them, but she wasn’t at a major disadvantage.

These cousins were all men after all. When had they been tormented by a woman like this? They were so angry their faces were red.

Especially since Lu Jia was egging them on at the side, their blood boiled in anger. They wanted to stab Jing Yunzhao and get things over with.

The oldest cousin was a man in his twenties after all. He had strength and numbers on his side. Taking advantage of when Jing Yunzhao was busy dealing with the other three cousins, the oldest cousin grabbed the chance and threw a rock in Jing Yunzhao’s direction. Won’t you please read this at mehtranslations. wordpress. com ?


Those people had already awoken their will to kill. Lu Jia, the only person who was clear minded, was scared.

That rock was very sharp. If it did hit the target, it would definitely cause a serious injury. It might even claim a life.

Lu Jia was only a 15-16 year-old girl after all, she would still panic when she saw this scene. But what had been done had been done, she couldn’t stop it in time. But looking at Jing Yunzhao’s hateful face, she was reluctant to say anything.

Thud. The big rock fell to the ground.

“Third Biao-ge!” Lu Jia looked and she was dumbfounded.

She could only see her Third Biao-ge falling to the ground with a bloody head.

Following that shriek, the eldest cousin was also shocked. His lips were trembling, unbelieving.

That’s right, he really did aim it at Jing Yunzhao, but she managed to dodge within the blink of an eye. Not only did she dodge, she somehow managed to position Third Biao-ge appear under that rock…

Right, he saw it! Jing Yunzhao had already sensed his intention and knew that their third brother would be hit if she dodged. Yet she still dodged without hesitation. Plus, her expression in that split moment was full of mockery!

She did it on purpose!

That Third Biao-ge was twitching on the ground with blood flowing from his head injury nonstop. Soon, he stopped moving!

Lu Jia held her phone, shaking, but it was then snatched by her eldest Biao-ge. “You can’t call the police! If you do, my life will be over! Everything will be over!”

The one who picked up the rock was him. The one who threw it was also him. If the police were informed, he would definitely be arrested!

“Eldest Biao-ge! I’m begging you, Third Biao-ge is gonna die…” Lu Jia’s tears came flying out without a sign of stopping. She was scared out of her wits and desperately pleaded.

She had four aunt’s (T/N: mother of her cousins). Even though these four cousins weren’t blood-related brothers, their relationship had always been good. But now Eldest Biao-ge wouldn’t let her call the police? Then what should she do? She couldn’t just watch her third Biao-ge die of blood loss!

At that moment, Jing Yunzhao only watched them coldly and began to leave.

“You can’t leave!” the eldest Biao-ge shouted as if he was crazy.

Jing Yunzhao stopped, revealing a mocking smile.

“You killed him! You’re the one who had the rock! You’re the one who killed him!” The eldest Biao-ge yelled madly.

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