The Favored Genius 43

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The Favored Genius Doctor and Businesswoman – Chapter 43 – This Willing to Take the Initiative? (这么主动?)

Seeing Lu Jia, Jing Yunzhao thought of the phrase ‘Enemies on a narrow road’.

Lu Jia’s personality was more on the casual side. Even though she didn’t look as delicate and pleasing as Qiao Hongye, she was still considered lucky to have a few older male cousins who loved her. It was like a spot of red in the midst of greens. Even though Lu Jia wasn’t a beauty, her cousins doted on her very much. They even waited outside of the school gates to pick her up occasionally. Many students envied her because of that.

Jing Yunzhao saw four men standing behind Lu Jia. The oldest was in his twenties and the youngest was at least 17-18 years old.

“So she’s Jing Yunzhao?! That bastard you were talking about?” one of the men asked in rage.

“Third Biao-ge, she was the one who framed me! It was obviously I who suffered, but she told the teacher I hit her! Because of her, Mom and Dad don’t trust me!” Lu Jia angrily tattled.

“What a fucking bitch! Jiajia, don’t worry! Gege (T/N: older brother) will definitely avenge you!” After the third Biao-ge finished talking, the four men gathered in a circle, trapping Jing Yunzhao in the middle.

Lu Jia was outside of the circle, her face full of confidence and arrogance. “Ge, there’s too many people out here. Take her into the alley first.”

At this time of night, it was dark and windy. Even stray cats were nowhere to be seen. Lu Jia didn’t believe Jing Yunzhao could still escape in this scenario! As a plus, no one would know who beat her to a pulp in the alley.

Since Lu Jia had the advantage of numbers, she dragged Jing Yunzhao as she threatened her to go into an alley.

This street didn’t have many pedestrians, it also didn’t have cameras. There would be no one who would notice in this place. Gloominess flashed through Jing Yunzhao’s eyes. She looked cooperative as she was tugged and shoved under the shadow of a wall.

“This bitch looks pretty good! But someone like you, even if gifted to us brothers, we still wouldn’t want you! Jiajia, tell us what you want to do. We’ll keep a lookout for you. You can do whatever you want!” another cousin added.

Lu Jia spat on the ground and stepped on it with her foot before stepping forward, “Jing Yunzhao, get down on your knees and beg? Maybe my heart will soften and forgive you!”

Jing Yunzhao clenched her fists, thinking of martial art moves.

“What are you acting so virtuously for?! Do you believe I’ll tear your clothes to shreds?! In this kind of cold weather, looking at it, it might also rain! Without your clothes, you might freeze to death here! Oh, right, I also brought my phone. I’ll take some pictures of you naked when we’re done and make it so you’ll never be able to live in Huaning County!” Lu Jia was like an excited rooster, clamouring non-stop. Won’t you please read this at mehtranslations. wordpress. com ?


But even though Lu Jia spoke for a long time, no reaction came from Jing Yunzhao.

Her gloomy appearance made her look like a ghost, especially in this darkness. Extremely horrifying.

Lu Jia glared at her, waiting to see Jing Yunzhao panic. But even after awhile, she only saw Jing Yunzhao’s mouth curve, revealing a scary smile.

“What are you smiling for?!” Lu Jia’s eyeballs were close to popping out.

Jing Yunzhao’s eyebrow twitched. She took off the thin jacket she was wearing.

“Oh, you’re that willing to take the initiative, huh? Let me tell you, my Biao-ge’s won’t fall for that!” Lu Jia scoffed, rolling her eyes.

However, after she finished talking, she only saw Jing Yunzhao wrap that jacket around her hand. It looked like a boxing glove. Lu Jia couldn’t understand what she was doing.

“Are you asking for a beating?!” Lu Jia roared.

Bang! Just as she finished her sentence, all she could see was Jing Yunzhao’s fist flying towards her nose!

With her clothing wrapped around her hand, the impact was a bit soft. But Jing Yunzhao’s strength was not normal. This punch was not weak. As the brothers watched, they were instantly filled with hate and grabbed at Jing Yunzhao!

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