The Favored Genius 42

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The Favored Genius Doctor and Businesswoman – Chapter 42 – It Can’t Be That She’s Hiding A Man? (藏了男人不成?)

Towards this grumpy old man surnamed Xu, Jing Yunzhao kept sensing this familiarity. She kept feeling that even though his words were cold, he wasn’t a bad person. He was unlike the people she met in her past life, full of smiles on the outside but insidious on the inside.

“Thank you, Old Man Xu. I will definitely arrive on time to learn,” Jing Yunzhao said, exposing a somewhat kind smile.

“If that’s so, you’ll leave today only when you’ve completely memorized this book!” Old Man Xu bluntly threw a book straight towards her and turned to leave, locking Jing Yunzhao in that shed. Won’t you please read this at mehtranslations. wordpress. com ?


(T/N: Reminder, the backyard is a shed.)

The light in the shed was sufficient. She opened the book and saw that it was about growing medicinal herbs and harvesting.

The book wasn’t thick, but if a normal person wanted to memorize it word for word, they would still need one to two days.

However, ever since Jing Yunzhao had absorbed the spirit jade piece, her memory had also improved. She looked at the book then at that tightly closed door. With no other choice, she sat down. Since no one was around, she took the chance to enter her space and started memorizing.

Inside the space, time passed much slower.

When she finally finished memorizing the whole book, slightly more than three hours had passed outside.

She knocked on the door and soon the middle-aged man came. He opened the door, took her book back and said, “If you want to get out, recite it.”

Towards this shifu and disciple pair, Jing Yunzhao felt a bit speechless.

However, since they meant well, Jing Yunzhao started reciting.

The book had over 200 pages, so reciting it would take a while. The disciple listened attentively, not missing a single word. There were sometimes parts he couldn’t hear clearly, which he then made Jing Yunzhao repeat it until she said it right.

Jing Yunzhao wasn’t a half-hearted person. Since she had promised to learn, she would definitely exert her utmost effort to do it.

When she finished, it was getting late.

“Every word was correct. You can go now. Remember to come here on time next time. This is today’s medicine’s money.” The disciple’s temper was more straightforward than the shifu’s. After he finished his piece, he also turned around to leave.

In her hands, there was surprisingly a few thousand yuan more than she should have gotten.

Adding it to yesterday’s money, she already had over 10,000. This money-making speed, the her in her past life couldn’t even imagine it.

Outside, the moon was bright and the stars were scattered. The air was much better than the air inside the shed. She took a deep breath and began to walk home via her route here. But just when she was exiting that little alleyway, people appeared under the street light.

Jing Yunzhao didn’t want to waste a single second. She was still digesting the jade piece’s information when she was stopped by these people.

Raising her head, she met the fierce eyes of Lu Jia.

After Lu Jia was beaten to a pulp previously, she had been licking her wounds at home. Looking at her, her face was still a bit swollen. She didn’t look natural no matter what.

“I was thinking who it was! Isn’t this our school’s renowned Jing Yunzhao! I saw you coming out of that alleyway over there. What? Being in such a secluded area at this time of the night, you’re not hiding a man, are you?!” Lu Jia’s face was full of mockery, her eyes as if they were burning.

Remembering that day when Jing Yunzhao hit her in front of everyone, she felt as if her reputation had all been thrown away!

The teachers were on Jing Yunzhao’s side at that time so Lu Jia couldn’t do much to her. She even got scolded by her parents! But now that they were outside, with no cameras around. Lu Jia didn’t believe that Jing Yunzhao would still be able to get the upper hand this time!

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