The Favored Genius 41

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The Favored Genius Doctor and Businesswoman – Chapter 41 – The Wrong Season (时节不对)

Grandpa really knew how to mess with people!

Su Chu lips twitched as her expression showed complete disbelief. She and Biao-ge had been studying medical books ever since they were little. They might be a bit dumb, but after so many years of nurturing had been accumulated, they at least had some skills and knowledge. If push came to shove, they could still handle those tests. As for Jing Yunzhao…

Her grades might be excellent, but the material in medical books were extensive and cryptic. Su Chu still didn’t understand those ancient phrases and words even till now, much less Jing Yunzhao, who hadn’t even touched upon these subjects!

“You’re doomed. You’re doomed… Biao-jie, you don’t know this but Grandpa’s standards for medicine are super strict! When it’s time for the test, don’t ever write random things if you don’t know the answer. Even submitting a blank paper would be better than guessing!”

Su Chu looked at Jing Yunzhao with an expression of pity, as if she could foresee what Jing Yunzhao would go through in the future.

Regarding medicine, although Jing Yunzhao may not be proficient yet, she knew enough to at least step through the entrance to the path.

Her starting point was higher than others. If there was something she couldn’t remember, she could just search through the spirit jade piece, then try her best to comprehend it.

Even if she currently didn’t understand something, the information in her head wouldn’t disappear.

Su Chu, of course, had no knowledge of it. Since the conversational topic had been opened, she kept complaining about it.

Listening to her, it seemed that Grandpa Gan’s punishments were really severe. If a blank paper was submitted, then that would mean you didn’t put in effort. The punishment would usually be something like copying a medical book a few times.

But if a paper full of guesses and nonsense was submitted, he would think that there was a problem with their attitude. In that case, not only would their allowance be cut, they would also be brought home to be supervised. Not only would there be a lecture them on how to be a better person, he would also take them for morning runs every day. Their clothing and meals would also be monitored.

Towards this God-grandpa of hers, Jing Yunzhao truly felt admiration. In this time and age, doctors with medical ethics like his were rare.

The next day, school carried on as per usual. When evening came, Jing Yunzhao went to the back alley as promised, carrying a basket of Monnier’s Snow Parsley (She2 Chuang2 Zi0).

The circumstances this time was different from yesterday’s. She had knocked only three times, and the door already opened. Plus, that old man was sitting right in the middle of the yard, looking at her with a serious expression.

The look in his eyes raised goosebumps. Even Jing Yunzhao was panicking.

“All of these herbs are good. Do you know their functions?” the old man asked gloomily.

Jing Yunzhao’s lips curled, “Poor Man’s Ginseng are often used for injuries in qi and liquids or the lack of qi and blood, and Monnier’s Snow Parsley is often used for warming the kidneys to invigorate the yang…”

(T/N: I know nothing about TCM. 党参常用于气津两伤或气血两亏,蛇床子多是温肾壮阳……)

“It isn’t the right season to harvest those products of yours.” The old man acted as if he hadn’t heard her say a single thing and continued, “Monnier’s Snow Parsley needs to be processed during the three hottest periods of summer. That way, the medicine will be the most effective. You bringing them in right now is wrong.” Won’t you please read this at mehtranslations. wordpress. com

It was currently spring. Where would anyone harvest these two herbs?


Jing Yunzhao heard this and her face instantly paled. She hadn’t thought that far.

“Old Man Xu, then I’ll take these Cnidium monnieri back. I’m not selling them anymore.” Jing Yunzhao said, worried the old man would continue to ask her about the harvesting.

“Leave it. It’s good stuff.” The old man shot a glance at Jing Yunzhao and continued, “Come with me.”

Without waiting for Jing Yunzhao’s response, he headed towards the backyard. Jing Yunzhao was confused, but she thought about it and still quickly followed him. The old man wasn’t slow. The backyard was like a huge shed, the topography slightly higher. The ground had limestone to prevent humidity, and medicinal materials were everywhere.

“Don’t even know the processing season of the medicinal materials. Who would buy medicine from you in the future? From now on, come here every day to learn. The way of the medicine is still long. You have some good things in your hands. Don’t waste it.” The old man’s expression didn’t change, making it hard to understand his intentions.

Still, looking at those medicinal materials, Jing Yunzhao felt a bit excited.

The spirit jade pieces also mentioned the preparation of medicinal materials, but there was a huge difference between learning about it and seeing it with her own eyes!

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