The Favored Genius 38

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The Favored Genius Doctor and Businesswoman – Chapter 38 – Medicine-Making Maniac (制药狂人)

It was Jing Yunzhao’s first time doing this so she nodded, confused. She kept thinking that these people’s eyes were looking at her weirdly.

As expected, that old man laughed when he saw her response, “Little girl, I’m afraid I’ll have to disappoint you. We don’t buy medicinal materials here. These things of yours, unless you go to a private store? Even then, they probably wouldn’t dare to take too much…”

Jing Yunzhao’s stood stock still, unable to comprehend.

Then she heard that old man continue, “This is a TCM pharmacy. If we were to buy medicinal materials, it would have to be very rare materials or TCM beverages. And most of those TCM beverages all have medicinal plant factories they’re contracted with. Unless the medicine you make is better and cheaper than theirs.”

Jing Yunzhao’s mind clicked, and she instantly understood.

Medicinal plants were categorized into three types. The first one were those that were freshly picked, and had not yet been prepared or processed. Type two were ones that had been cured, and can be concocted for use right away. Finally, the third type were those made into medicine using type two, like the already packaged powdered medicine sold in stores that can be consume after mixing it with water. Won’t you please read this at mehtranslations. wordpress. com ?


Jing Yunzhao was a bit worried. She might have a lot of knowledge stored in her mind, but she didn’t have the knowledge of how the industry and these kind of things worked. That was why she made a mistake.

“Thank you, senior, for your pointers. I know what to do now. But senior, would you accept already prepared medicinal plants if I bring them?” Jing Yunzhao asked.

Her voice was refreshing and pleasant to the ears. Along with her brilliant looks, others would easily have a good impression of her.

“As long as the quality is good, the store will consider it.” The old man thought about it for a while. Looking at how cute and smart Jing Yunzhao seemed to be, he added another sentence, “Oh, little girl, if you’re in a rush to sell those materials in your hands, then I know a good place…”

Jing Yunzhao’s eyes quickly lit up.

“In this county town, there is a grumpy old man who is a medicine-making maniac. No matter the quantity, as long as the quality of the materials is good, he’ll take it. But his pricing might be cheaper than the other places. You can give it a try. It’s not very far from here…” The old man suggested and then told her the address.

(T/N: The grumpy old man is written as 糟老头 which translates to “rotten old man.” I decided not to leave it as rotten old man cuz I know he’s going to be some people’s favorite character later on.)

Jing Yunzhao was a bit hesitant. It was nighttime after all. The place indeed wasn’t far, but it was surrounded by alleyways. There weren’t many people passing by.

However, after much consideration, Jing Yunzhao still decided to go.

She had her space, and she had also been practicing some martial arts moves. The chances of something terrible happening to her was quite small. There was no need to worry too much.

After leaving some Poor Man’s Ginseng as thanks, Jing Yunzhao quickly left for the place old man told her.

The alleys had many twists and turns. It was night and unlike the big streets, the alleys weren’t brightly lit. She heard the sounds of nightingales from time to time. It was something that would bring chills down people’s spines. If this was in her past life, Jing Yunzhao naturally wouldn’t have to courage to be here. It was then when she realized that she was now much braver than she was in her past life. She didn’t have a single feeling of fear being in a completely unfamiliar place.

After half an hour or so passed, she finally found the place.

The surrounding area had a strange smell. There was the smell of medicine, but there were also other smells, like the smell of something burnt or corroding. The smells mixed together was very strange.

In front of her was a large house with an enclosed yard. The front doors were pitch black, giving the place a serious and quiet, but at the same time very gloomy atmosphere. Noticing some movements in the house,Jing Yunzhao chose to knock on the door.

(T/N: I’m assuming it’s not a modern house. It’s more of a traditional Chinese house with a yard in the middle of the property and not in front/back of the house.)

Ten seconds later, the doors squeeked opened and a not-so-old face appeared.

The person looked to be in his thirties and looked quite spiritless. He gave Jing Yunzhao a few glances and asked, “You have business here?”

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