The Favored Genius 37

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The Favored Genius Doctor and Businesswoman – Chapter 37 – It’s All For Your Own Good (也是为你好)

Looking at Xiao Haiqing’s face, Jiang Xia instantly wilted.

“I didn’t even mean anything else, I was only doing it all for her own good…” Jiang Xia pouted. His face was full of unwillingness, making him appear a bit gay.

That sissy attitude made Xiao Haiqing look down upon Jiang Xia even more, and she remarked with a glance, “I don’t care who you’re try to help, just don’t disgust me or Jing Yunzhao. Don’t you like being paired with Ye Qing and that neighboring class’s what’s-her-name? Then you should all just care about each other until you die! Stop posturing and scolding others!”

Jing Yunzhao couldn’t help but feel admiration. Of the entire class, there was probably only Xiao Haiqing who could speak so aggressively to others, to the point where they didn’t have the courage to respond.

This girl was becoming more and more to her liking.

She didn’t have a single friend in her past life. Now, she had only been reborn for about a week, and she already had Su Chu and Xiao Haiqing. She was satisfied.

“Okay! Okay! The teacher’s about to come! Can you guys please keep it down and not affect other people studying!” Being talked about like that by Xiao Haiqing, Ye Qing, who was seated in front of them, was shamed into anger. She quickly put up the air of a committee member and warned them. Won’t you please read this at mehtranslations. wordpress. com ?


She might have looked bold and upright, but she actually wanted to find a mouse hole and hide. It spoke about how nervous she was.

Jing Yunzhao wasn’t an overbearing person. Since the place wasn’t appropriate, she didn’t care to blindly create a din with Jiang Xia and Ye Qing.

Xiao Haiqing, on the other hand, ordered her deskmate and demanded they switch seats with Jing Yunzhao.

In a short while, Jing Yunzhao had already changed her seat twice. No one could compare to this speed.

When Teacher Jin came in, she only shot them a quick glance. Not only did she not scold them, she was actually rather pleased.

Jing Yunzhao’s grades were good. Sitting in the back of the classroom would only affect her potential. How could she let that happen? If it weren’t for the fact that no one wanted to sit beside her, Teacher Jin would have wanted Jing Yunzhao to be seated right under her eyelids!

For the first day of school after her rebirth, she went through it uneventfully besides the small hiccup in the beginning.

Strangely, Jing Yunzhao discovered that her book somehow had a note in it after school. It read: I meant you well, hope you aren’t angry.

Even though the note had no name, Jing Yunzhao could tell who wrote it from the manner of speaking.

She threw it in the trash.

Those self-absorbed and assuming people, she didn’t even care to bother with them.

The Hua Ning County had mountains and rivers, overall showcasing a beautiful scenery. Even in the county town , the air was especially fresh and the development of commerce was pretty good too. When night came, the darkness was bustling with light, becoming an incomparably breathtaking sight.

Jing Yunzhao rejected Xiao Haiqing’s and Su Chu’s invitations and headed to a big TCM pharmacy alone. In her hands was a basket filled with Poor Man;’ Ginseng and some traces of soil.

She needed money badly. If she wanted to live honorably and boldly, she still needed to have the ability to support herself.

In front of her was the county’s largest pharmacy. It was rather old, ancient even. Night had just fallen. The lights inside were brightly lit, and the interior could be clearly seen from the outside.

Jing Yunzhao didn’t walk in hastily, but instead waited outside for a long time.

The people walking by her were all here to buy medicine. She didn’t see a single person selling medicine like she was.

After half an hour, when Jing Yunzhao saw an old man who looked like he had good moral standings and reputation appear in the pharmacy, she walked in without hesitation.

When she entered, she saw everyone in that spacious pharmacy looking dumbfounded.

That old man looked at Jing Yunzhao, and then at her basket. He was surprised, but frowned as he asked, “Little girl, you… You’re trying to sell medicinal materials?”

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