The Favoured Genius 130

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The Favoured Genius Doctor and Businesswoman – Chapter 130 – Medicinal Jar (2) (药罐子(二))

She was  already a doctor after all. Although she couldn’t go on house calls, she would still occasionally follow Grandpa Gan and gain some experience. The number of chances were unfortunately limited, so she wasn’t able to gain much. Now that there was a patient sitting right in front of her, it was impossible for her to remain stoic.

Jing Yunzhao was aware that she was coming off as a bit rude, so she followed up, “It’s like this, I’ve actually learned quite a bit of medical knowledge.” Won’t you please read this at mehtranslations. wordpress. com ?

She had yet to check his pulse, however, so it wouldn’t be good for her if she arbitrarily asserted that she could treat him.

Even though she had almost finished absorbing the second piece of the Spirit Jade, Tang Zihua’s illness looked like he had had it since he was a child. With her current standards, the situation wasn’t good.

“You’ve studied medicine before?” Old Grandpa Tang was even more surprised now. When he was talking to her just now, he didn’t have the feeling that she would be one to speak nonsense, but to think that someone who was about the same age as his grandson had learned medicine before? It was a little hard to believe.

Old Grandpa Tang was like this, much less Tang Zihua.

One elderly and one youth stared at her for a good while, to the point that the recipient started to feel embarrassed.

“If Old Grandpa Tang is unwilling, then let’s just forget about it. I’m just asking…” Jing Yunzhao changed her statement.

In Ning City, the Tang Family in Ning City was a large family that was second to none. The doctors that all the Tang Family’s grandchildren came in contact with were naturally also the best in the country. This kind of request would definitely raise a misunderstanding.

Just as Jing Yunzhao thought that Old Grandpa Tang was going to reject her, he suddenly laughed and unexpectedly replied, “Zihua, let this little lass take a look.”

Grandpa Tang felt curiosity and even had a tad of expectation. He hadn’t experienced this kind of feeling for a long time, especially towards a child.

Tang Zihua felt some confusion, but he was very obedient. He moved to sit beside Jing Yunzhao, and after some consideration, followed the usual procedure and rested his wrist on the table.

Only then did Jing Yunzhao realise that Tang Zihua was very fair, the kind of paleness that came with a type of condition.

Unperturbed, she reached her hand out to feel for his pulse, and a wave of astonishment washed over her. His pulse was weak, but there was still a thread of vitality. He was internally weak and couldn’t undergo major nourishments, but he also couldn’t not be nourished. Additionally, his current stable and normal complexion must be because he took his medication on schedule, but the medication would not solve the root problem.

Tang Zihua indeed had this illness ever since he was young. He could tolerate neither the cold, nor the heat, much less any kind of stimulation. If he could control his diet and emotions, on the surface he would be like any other person. But the moment his illness abruptly flares up, then it would be an encounter in front of the gates to hell. If he was lucky, then he could come back. Unfortunately, if he met with a quack doctor or the stimulation was too extreme, then he might really breathe his last.

Jing Yunzhao frowned. Old Grandpa Tang saw it, and understood that she had truly seen something.

“How is it?” Old Grandpa Tang’s words carried a tinge of true feelings.

“I won’t be able to cure him in a short period of time, but…” Jing Yunzhao hesitated for a moment. She couldn’t very well tell him that things would be fine if she absorbed a few more spirit jade pieces, right? Thus, she found an excuse, “If he follows my methods to slowly adjust his body, maybe it’s possible for him within a year…”

According to her current pace in absorbing the spirit jades, her level in a year in comparison to today would be like heaven and hell.

In her current memories, however, there were still some methods to nourish his body. She could slowly increase the load his body could take.

In her eyes, these words of hers carried a few parts hesitance and regret. To the Tang grandfather and grandson pair, however, it was as if they heard the sounds of paradise.

A year? Was a year considered long? Tang Zihua had already been ill for more than 10 years, and the amount of medicine he had ingested during that period of time were countless. He had even undergone three life threatening experiences. Even the doctors had said that his base was weak, thus he could only rely on so many pills to extend his life day by day.

However, even though it should be good news to them, Old Grandpa Tang felt conflicted.

These words, should he believe them or not? Won’t you please read this at mehtranslations. wordpress. com ?

If he didn’t believe in them, what if Jing Yunzhao truly had the ability to cure him? Then he would miss his one chance in letting his grandson be healthy! But if he did believe her, what if his grandson’s condition deteriorated? By then, it would be too late to regret. After all, the other party was only a little girl…

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