The Favoured Genius 129

Translator: Foreverhungry
Editor: Sleepy Fox
Proofreader: Chiyo

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The Favoured Genius Doctor and Businesswoman – Chapter 129 – Medicinal Jar (药罐子)

She remembered that the price then was only a little over 20,000,000 yuan?

But how was Jing Yunzhao to know that the merchant who sold the porcelain jar in her past life was cunning and greedy, and the old man didn’t like him, so he dropped the price. In fact, the price quoted just now was the actual worth and more fair between the two of them. Won’t you please read this at mehtranslations. wordpress. com ?

Seeing her surprised expression, the old man’s heart regained equilibrium. Ever since this girl walked through the door, she had had a self-confident and composed attitude, evidently not matching up to her young age. Her reaction just now, in contrary, was quite normal. 35,000,000 yuan. If she still had a calm attitude after hearing that, then this old man would have felt ashamed instead.

His eyes squinted as he laughed/smiled, while Jing Yunzhao astonishment only lasted for a short while before she recovered.

An offer this good, would anyone reject it because it shouldn’t be like this?

She nodded her head at once and the old man guffawed when he saw, immediately bringing the blue and white porcelain jar into his embrace. After asking Jing Yunzhao for her bank account number, he told Tang Zihua to make a call, and after checking the account balance, the deal was officially over.

Now that they were done with official business, the old man was relaxed. Right at this moment, the waiters walked in with food. Having been here for more than half an hour, Jing Yunzhao’s stomach was empty. She was wolfing down the food like she hadn’t eaten in ages, but at the same time, there was still a kind of grace and cleanliness.

Tang Zi Hua was a little intimidated.

The impression of Jing Yunzhao just now was composed and lofty. Only when she smiled did she look refined and gentle. Usually, these type of girls placed great importance on their image, but never did he think that his guess was actually off. No one was able to pick out anything wrong with Jing Yunzhao’s movements, as usual, but with the speed she was eating, it really made one smack their lips in disapproval. She was completely different from other rich ladies that he had met before.

The girls in his imagination were mostly delicate and sweet, or maybe those dull cute types. Jing Yunzhao, however, did not fit into any of the two categories.

But to old people, Jing Yunzhao’s straightforward character actually demanded fondness. It was not artificial and her physical appearance was also likable.

Once more, he couldn’t resist starting a conversation with her, and just like that, Old Man Tang kept feeling like Jing Yunzhao was a good lass. She knew when to and not to push, was polite and sensible, and his fondness towards her gradually increased. It was just a pity that Jing Yunzhao was someone from Hua Ning County. Otherwise, the old man wanted to invite her to his home as a guest.

Jing Yunzhao was quite speechless; It seemed like she had quite an affinity with elderly people?

Grandpa Gan, Old Man Xu, Old Tang who was presently in front of her; and even Du Lin’s father treated her quite well.

As the three ate their food, Tang Zihua suddenly took out a pill bottle and swallowed a few.

Jing Yunzhao was stunned. She didn’t take a proper look at Tang Zihua just now, but now that she saw him take some medicine, she realized that his complexion was indeed not too good. Maybe it was because the temperature was a little high in the box, his face carried a little redness, but his lips were still a little pale.

Catching Jing Yunzhao watching them, Old Grandpa Tang laughed, “Little lass, what’re you looking at?”

(T/N: theres a major typo here, so I only managed to vaguely understand the meaning of the sentence)

Jing Yunzhao immediately controlled her expression but she still felt a bit embarrassed.

She had momentarily forgotten that she wasn’t even 16 years old yet, a complete brat in her puberty. She shouldn’t keep staring at a boy of the same age, otherwise, other people might misunderstand…

As expected, she saw Tang Zihua’s face turn red.

“Grandpa Tang, you’ve misunderstood. I was just curious because I saw him take some medication…” Jing Yunzhao hurried to explain. Won’t you please read this at mehtranslations. wordpress. com ?

Grandpa Tang understood and nodded as he explained, “This grandson of mine’s body had been bad since he was young. While he may look fine on the outside, in reality, he’s a medicinal jar. If he doesn’t take his meds, something will happen the next day.”

Jing Yunzhao squinted her eyes, and couldn’t resist asking, “Can I take a look at him?”

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11 thoughts on “The Favoured Genius 129”

  1. Obrigada pelo capítulo ❤
    (Estou escrevendo em português, pois não tenho familiaridade com a língua inglesa)
    Eu amo muito essa novel, ela é um raio de luz em meio à outras tão aff, Jing Yunzhao tem proposito que vai além de vingança, tem crescimento pessoal, tem busca por sucesso.
    Eu agradeço de coração pela tradução.
    [Eu tentei traduzir do chinês, não deu muito certo 😥😌]
    Entendo as dificuldades da tradução, então mesmo ficando ansiosa pelo próximo capítulo, sem pressão.
    Saiba que adoro seu trabalho, um beijo.
    Antes de droppar saiba que com essa novel que tiro o sustento dos meus 14 filhos. Então não faça nada, contra nossa família.

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