The Favoured Genius 128

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The Favored Genius Doctor and Businesswoman – Chapter 128 – Good Stuff (好东西)

“The blue and white porcelain pot?” The old man asked, pointing towards the wrapped up item in Jing Yunzhao’s arms, as he came back to his sense after a moment of astonishment.

She nodded and placed the item on the table. “Excuse me for being late, something came up while I was on the way here. You don’t need to worry, however. The one I have now is the same as the one you saw on my post. You may take a look at it first.” Won’t you please read this at mehtranslations. wordpress. com ?

She opened up the bag, and the old man swiftly turned his eyes over and inspected it with care.

Jing Yunzhao stayed quietly by the side, while the old man nimbly inspected it. He swallowed loudly before speaking, “Not bad, not bad. The shape is elegant, the skill of the art is elaborate, and the different phases of the decorative motifs are distinct. The coloration is muted, and the entire body of the outer layer’s maintenance…”

FH: totes bsing I have no idea wtf he’s saying


“(More art/design technicalities, forgive me for not translating but I really don’t know what to insert)”

The old man said a bunch of things that Jing Yunzhao didn’t understand (neither do I). She only saw him dragging the young man by his side and pointing to the pot and saying, “Zi Hui, come look at this. (More praises on the design) This is indeed the real deal…”

As she watched, the expression of the young man by the elderly’s side was about the same as hers. It was almost as if his whole face had ‘Do Not Understand’ these three words written on it.

But the old man didn’t care about that. Only after preaching a whole bunch of mumbo jumbo to himself, did he have an expression of awkwardness, as if saying ‘Why did he only discover something as great as this now?’.

After more than 20 minutes had passed, the old man finally reacted and realised that the thing did not belong to him yet.

His rough face was smiling, and his muddy eyes were flashing with light. His whole demeanour could be said to be the definition of benevolence.

Tang Zihua who was sitting by the side was already too ashamed to look at his biological Grandfather. He was practically Peter Pan. When they were at home, his grandpa was obviously very strict and not someone you’d want to mess with. Now? He’d rush towards a girl who was a stranger and smile so happily. If an outsider were to look at them, they’d most likely think that this girl was the true grandchild instead.

“Little lass, is this thing your family heirloom?” The old man asked.

If it was her family heirloom, the one responsible for making the decision would not be this young lady. It would definitely be better if there was a guardian. Even though he was determined, he was not someone who would abuse his power.

Jing Yunzhao shook her head. “I bought it in a market in the town. The seller’s wife was ill, and he had no choice but to sell it. Unfortunately, or fortunately for me, because his asking price was too high, it landed in my hands in the end.”

The old man was flabbergasted after listening to her.

“How much did you spend to buy it?” He couldn’t resist asking her.

Jing Yunzhao laughed but did not respond to his question. In turn, she asked him, “Do you want this pot?”

“Of course! Why would I not?” The old man quickly spoke up as if he was defending a victim, but he realised too late. This lass was testing him, in case he would decrease his buying price after knowing how much she paid for it.

“Are you allowed to make the decision? You look like you aren’t of age yet. If your parents are not with you…” He would also be in a difficult position.

“I have no parents. I was the one who bought this, so I can be in charge of making decisions,” Jing Yunzhao explained as she pulled out the paperwork that was done when she had cut off familial ties with Qiao Weimin.

The old man frowned. No parents. She was such a delicate and pretty girl, it was such a shame. No wonder this lass was so calm just now, it seems like she was already used to living alone.

He grew a little more fond of the girl, and at the same time, he felt a little pity. “Since it’s like this, then let’s discuss the price. I also don’t want to put you in a difficult position. If you agree to my price then nod, if you don’t, then we can discuss again. Is this okay?”

Jing Yunzhao expressed her agreement.

“35,000,000 yuan” Won’t you please read this at mehtranslations. wordpress. com ?

Jing Yunzhao’s heart jumped at the price. Why was it… different from her past life? Plus the increase in difference was huge!

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