The Favoured Genius 127

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The Favoured Genius Doctor and Businesswoman – Chapter 127 – Kidnapping (绑架)

After hanging up the phone, Jing Yunzhao requested the driver to not go through the main road and instead go into a small alleyway near Tian Xiang Lou. After all, if someone were to be kidnapped, it couldn’t possibly happen under the eyes of bystanders.

The driver was full of curiosity, but since it was a customer’s request, of course, he followed her instructions. Especially, since the way she was beating up someone earlier was quite impressive. She looked quite young too, but from the strange tone she had during the phone call he overheard, he didn’t dare think too much about it. When Jing Yunzhao got down from the car, he even popped his head out to give him a reminder for her safety. Won’t you please read this at mehtranslations. wordpress. com ?

The sun had already set, after all, a pretty little girl like this being in an alley was very dangerous.

After she got down, she obviously felt the other car coming to a stop as well. She walked a few steps before taking a turn. Hearing careful steps echoing behind her, the smile that came up on her face was provocative.

Since Hua Zei had already said that there was someone following behind, she would naturally not stay in the alley. She speedily left the maze of alleyways.

Meanwhile, the cautiously following Qiao Hongye was quite anxious. Jing Yunzhao was walking too fast, and the alleyway was also eerie, making her feel quite scared.

Within a few short moments, Jing Yunzhao had disappeared, leaving Qiao Hongye without a clue about which fork she disappeared into. This made her even angrier, and she turned around, prepared to leave. But with just a turn of her head, her mouth was covered up by someone tightly, before dragging her into a vehicle.

Was she being kidnapped?!

The delicate Qiao Hongye had never come across something like this, and, as expected, she fainted.

When she regained her consciousness, they were already in the suburbs. The few brothers found a spot in the wilderness.

Although Hua Ning County could be considered populous and affluent, there were still places where people were scarce. The especially isolate spot Hua Zei and his brothers had found was one such area.

Because it was already night time, and because this place was surrounded by a lot of graves, there was basically nobody who came by the small lane. This caused the Qiao Hongye to hear waves of ‘Gu gu’ sounds. The mud mixed with weeds beneath her feet looked as if there was someone following her. It scared her until she felt her knees go weak. She did not dare to faint this time. If she did, who knew how she would end up the next time she woke up. It might even be as a lonely ghost.

She didn’t even know where she was, so she could only harden her skin and follow the road. The lane was continuous, as if it was being prolonged. There were some families by the side, but she only saw them rarely, as each one was distanced quite apart from each other. On the other hand, the quiet lights were quite scary.

Qiao Hongye was wearing a white dress. She originally had on a coat too, but it was taken away by Hua Zei’s brothers, so she was especially cold.

Her long, straight, flowing hair was very messy because of all the rolling about throughout the ride. She was choking on sobs the whole way, and the tears rolling down her face never stopped. Her appearance was horrific.

Qiao Hongye had come across two sports cars on the mountain road on the way, but…

They were scared off by her.

If something had to be blamed, it had to be blamed on her bloodshot eyes. Her gaze looked like she had a hidden grudge. She was also pale white because of fear and the cold Combined with her white dress and long hair, she definitely looked like a female ghost. Who would dare approach her?

Each step was a hardship. As more time passed, the temperature got chiller. Qiao Hongye was about to go crazy and on the verge of collapse.

Unfortunately, Jing Yunzhao didn’t see such a scene. If she came to know about Qiao Hongye’s state of misery, she couldn’t tell how hard she would be laughing.

She arrived at the private box of Tian Xiang Lou as appointed, and saw an elderly man and a youth of around the same age as her sitting beside him.

“You are… a waitress?” The boy glanced at her and was shocked. He was thinking about how young this waitress was, but with another look, he also felt that she didn’t look like one, because all the waitresses here all wore a set of uniforms. Won’t you please read this at mehtranslations. wordpress. com ?

Jing Yunzhao aimed her gaze at him as she walked into the box calmly. Turning her gaze towards the old man, she spoke, “You must be Mr. Tang? I’m the seller who made the appointment with you.”

She had just finished speaking, before she saw the pair of elderly and youth in front stiffen in unison.

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  1. “You must be Mr. Tang? I’m the buyer who made the appointment with you.”
    -I think it should be seller instead of buyer since she is the one selling the antique.

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