The Favoured Genius 126

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The Favoured Genius Doctor and Businesswoman – Chapter 126 – The Mantis Stalks The Cicada, Unaware of The Oriole Behind (螳螂捕蝉)

Qiao Hongye’s eyes opened wide. She didn’t think that Jing Yunzhao would reply like that.

Jing Yunzhao, on the other, hand was nonchalant. Her gaze when looking at Qiao Hongye was similar to when she was looking at something dirty and her tone expressed her revulsion. “Qiao Hongye, don’t forget. I had found a way to save her then, and even the Doctors in the hospital confirmed that it would effectively save her. But Qiao Weimin insisted on not using it. You as her biological daughter refused to as well. What I want, is for her to haunt you Father and Daughter pair down, even after her death, and will only be at peace once she sees both of you in miserable states,” Jing Yunzhao scared her on purpose.

Raising these kinds of children, could she really be contented after death?

Qiao Hongye paled, “I was afraid that your method would be ineffective and would cause Mom to pass in more pain!”

Jing Yunzhao curled her lips. Compared to being in pain, she thought that what Ye Qin had wanted even more was to live. After all, she was only in her mid-thirties. Compared to the average person, she hadn’t even lived through half a lifetime! Won’t you please read this at mehtranslations. wordpress. com ?

Additionally, even though what Qiao Hongye said sounded pleasant, reality was that she thought Ye Qin’s illness had already gone on for too long. She had already depleted all the gratitude she had in her heart.

Saying that Qiao Hongye was not one bit filial to Ye Qin would be inaccurate, but Ye Qin was being haunted by her illness and quite mentally unwell for the whole day. One needed to coax her, needed to devote their piety, and especially needed the Qiao family’s money. When it first began, Qiao Hongye could still bear with it and accompanied her. But after a long time? It would be hard to not have thoughts of wanting to pull away from this weak burden.

Jing Yunzhao did not wish to continue this dispute. One wouldn’t be able to clear up anything when talking to this kind of person. She was quite sure that Qiao Hongye’s three world views were simply not in the same frequency as hers.

“You like putting yourself on the side of ethics? I have no objections. But good dogs don’t block the way.” Jing Yunzhao extended her hand to hail a cab.

Qiao Hongye continued to block her way forward with clenched fists while enduring the stuffiness in her heart. She had only just shifted her feet, when she was kicked aside by Jing Yunzhao. Her whole person rolled a few rounds.

“Don’t take me as a pushover that’s easy for you to mould. If you become a hindrance to me, then just kicking you aside won’t be the least of what I’ll do!” Jing Yunzhao looked down on her and shot her another glance before she headed straight to the cab, leaving her in the dust.

Qiao Hongye clenched her teeth, unsatisfied. She got up sluggishly after thinking for a while, clambering to call another cab to follow her.

She wanted to see, just where Jing Yunzhao wanted to go when the sky was going to darken soon!

As soon as Jing Yunzhao boarded the vehicle, the driver cast her a flabbergasted expression, seemingly afraid of the nimble kick that happened just now.

Jing Yunzhao had no time to gossip with the driver, however, as not more than two minutes had passed before she received a call from Hua Zei.

“The brothers I just sent out to track Qiao Hongye’s just returned word that she boarded a cab to follow that sister. We don’t know where they’re going specifically, but just looking at it and you can tell that she’s up to no good.”

Hua Zei was unaware that Jing Yunzhao was the ‘boy’ whom he had a deal with. At the same time, he was surprised by the strength of this sister of Qiao Hongye’s.

Jing Yunzhao looked at the rear mirror. As expected, there was a rental car following tightly behind them. She had no doubt that the one inside was Qiao Hongye.

Deepening her voice, Jing Yunzhao spoke, “Your brothers should be following behind?”

She had already paid them 100,000 yuan, surely they would not be unable to bear paying for this bit of petrol fee.

(T/N: I backchecked the past chapters and realised the mistake. It used to be 10,000 yuan but it’s supposed to be 100,000 yuan. Text has already been edited)

“That’s right.” Hua Zei was a little complacent, because he and his brothers were Hua Ning County’s most righteous and responsible group. They were just following a brat, they could not possibly lose her.

Jing Yunzhao smiled, “Then that’s good. When she gets off later, think of a way to invite her far far away. With how fat she is, she needs some exercise.”

With the driver around, she couldn’t really go into detail. Won’t you please read this at mehtranslations. wordpress. com ?

But who was Hua Zei? He had done his fair share of bad deeds, would he not understand anything that was said?

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