The Favoured Genius 125

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The Favoured Genius Doctor and Businesswoman – Chapter 125 – A Grievance Even After Death (死不瞑目)

Qiao Hongye used to proclaim that she was the princess of Class Two, getting praised and complimented even when all she did was sit down, not moving an inch. These days, unfortunately for her, everyone was cold to her. She couldn’t concentrate in class like she had done in the past.

No matter what, she was the top student in class. Having been seen not paying attention in class by the teachers, she couldn’t avoid the fate of being called into the office by the teachers and given a reminder. Qiao Hongye wanted to vent her grievances. After being called on by teachers consecutively for three periods, she cried in the office and told the story of how she was being framed by her classmates.

Her grades were good, and she was quite obedient in the past. The teachers were all definitely willing to seek justice for her. Won’t you please read this at mehtranslations. wordpress. com ?

Unfortunately, while their mouths belonged to them, the law doesn’t condemn the majority. The teachers she spoke to talked to them about it, but it was a wasted effort. In fact, the students’ hatred towards her deepened another level.

Like this, Qiao Hongye practically lived through the darkest week of her life. Her complexion was ashen, and she looked spiritless.

In the past, she was enchanting and obedient. But presently, she had become tasteless and dull. All the boys kept thinking that there was something wrong with their tastes previously. This Qiao Hongye’s looks were obviously very average, how could she live up to the name of a school belle? She didn’t even meet the criteria for the class belle.

Qiao Hongye’s torture did not end at the school compound. Even at home, she was almost unable to carry on.

Ever since she lied to Qiao Weimin about not being able to locate Jing Yunzhao’s living whereabouts, Qiao Weimin had been (synonym for extremely) cold towards her. It was as if he blamed her for losing a huge source of income.

She would return home only once every week. She originally thought that she could finally relax, but in reality, she still had to do a bunch of house chores. As usual, she suffered a stomachful of grievances.

There was also her twin brother, Qiao Zizhou. He kept feeling like Qiao Hongye lost his face in school, and thus never treated her as warm and considerate as before.

As such, Qiao Hongye now stayed quietly in class, as if she was trying her best to make others forgot about her presence. The situation was completely different from Jing Yunzhao’s past life!

Jing Yunzhao seemingly held no touch of sympathy towards Qiao Hongye’s hardship. One reaps what they sow.

Especially since this was just the beginning of everything. She had practically lived in the whites of others’ eyes for the whole of her previous life. This had only been going on for a few days. She still had a long life ahead of her!

Jing Yunzhao took to watching from the sidelines, while Hua Zei would report to her about Qiao Hongye’s misadventures after school every day. Thus, she was not at all afraid that Qiao Hongye would come up with anything stupid.

After school, Jing Yunzhao first went back to Cozy Garden, and left carrying her blue and white porcelain pot.

Before she could get onto a cab, she was met with Qiao Hongye throwing herself at her. Biting her lip, she pleaded with a tone that sounded like she was wronged, “Sis, please help me… Tell the other students that I’ve never ever accused you of anything, and that I also didn’t look for people to attack you last time…”

Jing Yunzhao, however, was quite delighted. ‘She didn’t? That’s hilarious. Could it be that deleted her own memories?’

“You’re pleading me for help?” Jing Yunzhao laughed coldly. “Then next time I meet someone I’ll tell them that my younger sister and a few hooligans only came looking for me to play house. It was nothing as sinister as trying to ruin my name?” Won’t you please read this at mehtranslations. wordpress. com ?

Qiao Hongye went pale. If Jing Yunzhao was speaking like this, then her criminal charge would definitely fall through.

“Sis, no matter what you say, my mom was still the one who raised you. Even if there’s no contribution, then there’s at least the effort. Now that she’s gone, you still- still treat me like this. She won’t be able to die in peace,” Qiao Hongye spoke again as her hands tightened into fists.

She only came begging Jing Yunzhao because she was already at her wit’s end.

Jing Yunzhao was still quite obedient in the past. She hoped that she could lower her head to her once more…

She originally thought that by bringing up Ye Qin, Jing Yunzhao would be more or less moved, but there was no change in her expression. “That’s right, our mom would definitely have grievances even in her death.”

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