The Favoured Genius 123

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The Favoured Genius Doctor and Businesswoman – Chapter 123 – A Stable Income (稳定收入)

Du Lin’s attitude underwent a 180-degree change, for fear that in a moment of arrogance, Jing Yunzhao would take her things and leave. Won’t you please read this at mehtranslations. wordpress. com ?

He asked someone to prepare a private room, and only after serving a tableful of dishes, did Du Lin feel that it looked decent and could properly express his sincerity. When all was done, he asked in a solemn manner, “Yunzhao-meimei, do you have a lot of these products? How long could you continue providing them for?”

T/N: DL is referring to JYZ very intimately by calling her Yunzhao-meimei, meaning Little Sister

If she only had this truckful of vegetables, the business cooperation would of course not have any results. He had such a large restaurant, and he might even expand in the future. The quantity he needed was no laughing matter.

“You don’t have to worry about my stock. My Shifu has handed down several things to me, and left me to decide on how to distribute them. If you’ve decided that you wanted an item, and if the price is appropriate, just write down the quantity and type of the item. I’ll deliver it to you the next day,” Jing Yunzhao concluded.

These fruits and vegetables were taken out from inside the space, so no matter what, they still carried a breath of the spaces’ spirit. Therefore, the time it would take for them to start going bad would be slightly longer than that of regular foods. In other words, there wouldn’t be something as troublesome as having to deliver to them every day.

Du Lin’s eyes brightened. “Great! As long as your products maintain the same quality and quantity, then the price I’ll quote will definitely be higher than the market price. I won’t let you suffer any loss.”

“I still have a few months before I’m 16, so I’ll only be able to sign the contract after that. You don’t have to worry, I rely on the income from my labours to live my daily life. Thus, I have the rights to sign the contract after I turn 16. During this period of time, however, I hope that you’ll follow our verbal agreement to fulfil the deal. The funds cannot be delayed or be put on tab. In addition, aside from seafood or any aquatic products, I have to be your sole supplier for the others. If you can’t do this, I’ll consider not signing the agreement when the time comes.” Jing Yunzhao was very serious about this.

The one thing that was most problematic to her currently, was her age. She had yet to be 16 years old, her arms were tied whenever she wanted to do anything.

Apart from this agreement, there was also the issue of getting a medical license that gave her a headache. Presently, succeeding a mentor was the best route for her, but it also required a number of years of medical experience for her to achieve the license. It was temporarily impossible.

Du Lin was once more provoked by Jing Yunzhao’s words. What did she mean by ‘relying on the income from her labours to live her life’? Did that mean that she was supporting herself?

She wasn’t even 16! Oh, God. He was being caned by his dad for his school results when he was 16!

“I won’t delay nor owe you the funds. After all, you are also someone Yun Shao knows. Why would I do something that would only harm me?” Du Lin relaxed for a moment before he continued, “However, Yunzhao-meimei, business matters are complicated. So I want to give you a piece of advice. If there comes a time where you meet any sort of trouble, rendering you incapable of delivering the products on time, I hope you’ll inform me in advance. After signing the contract, we should also specify dates for your delivery every month. If the time comes where you go back on this rule, you also have to pay a penalty fee. The money is of secondary importance. Primarily, Yu Tian Xian is the blood and sweat of my family. I cannot have it meet upon any problems just because there’s a problem in our supply. Do you understand me?”

This was also Du Lin’s friendly reminder to her.

Jing Yunzhao wasn’t mentally a child after all. She understood this bit of regulation.

Waiting till after her income was stable, she’d go look for some contracted land to experiment on how to achieve the same degree of freshness and cleanliness in ingredients outside as to her space. In the event that she collapses, it could be used as a safeguard.

Jing Yunzhao nodded. The two ate as they conversed, going through certain details.

Afterwards, Du Lin introduced her to the person in charge of procuring vegetables for the kitchen. This way, it would be easier for them to communicate for future deliveries.

As for the price, it would be decided based on the market price at that period of time. However, considering that Yu Tian Xian had only just had their grand opening, and that they were not exactly flourishing, her monthly income would only be approximately 30,000 yuan. Considering the fact that all her manufacturing costs were attributed to her space, and she only had to pay for the seeds, it was basically pure profit. In a place like the capital of the county, this amount could not be considered low.

Furthermore, Yu Tian Xian’s business would only get better and better. Her income would naturally also increase following that trend. Won’t you please read this at mehtranslations. wordpress. com ?

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  1. Hooray for our little goddess! Source of Income, got! And it’s such a big fish too! *rubs hands*

    I gotta question; is her so-called “old man”/shifu that guy we’re all pretty sure is her grandfather, or is it her ancestor that gifted her with these blessings? 🤔

    Thank you for translating this fifth day of Christmas 😊

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    1. Sorry for the late reply! I’m pretty sure the Shifu she refers to always means the ancestor, I mean like no one’s around to prove it right >.> Plus if my memory serves me right, she only kowtowed and acknowledged the ghost as her teacher, not the old man we’re all p sure is her grandpa. Please correct me if i’m wrong


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