The Favoured Genius 122

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The Favoured Genius Doctor and Businesswoman – Chapter 122 – Came Across Treasure (碰到宝了)

The surface area of her space was humongous. Thus, apart from a few medicinal herbs, Jing Yunzhao had also planted quite a few everyday fruits, vegetables, and other produce. Additionally, because of the spring inside the space, the ones inside were many times fresher than the ones outside.

After attending two classes in the afternoon, Jing Yunzhao requested for a leave of absence from her class’ Teacher in charge. She wanted to head down to the county to rent a courtyard from a farmer’s household.

The courtyard in mention wasn’t exactly isolated and was similar to where Old Man Xu was currently staying. It was just a little quieter comparatively. Surrounding it were other courtyards whose doors were closed tightly. It was very cold and desolate, unlike the families in town.

As it turns out, this kind of place suited Jing Yunzhao’s needs perfectly because It didn’t attract people’s attention. It would be a hub for her to transfer any produce from her space.

The space had the function to retain the freshness of an item, which was why Jing Yunzhao only took out the different fruits and vegetables she wanted to deliver when night fell. She rented a vehicle and used it to deliver the produce to Yu Tian Xian’s doorstep. Won’t you please read this at mehtranslations. wordpress. com ?

Yu Tian Xian’s layout gave it an ancient air of Confucianism, unlike Tian Xiang Lou’s lavish luxury, but it still let people relax when they saw the place. It was refined and simple, with darker colors as its main theme. The surface area wasn’t that large, but it was much more imposing compared to the other surrounding restaurants.

Du Lin had waited for a long time, so the moment he saw Jing Yunzhao, he hugged her in gratitude. “My dad’s tooth is much better! Let me give you a proper thanks.”

“Let him take the medicine once more tonight. By my estimate, the pain will be completely gone by tomorrow. To fully recover, however, I’d still advice you to control his diet for a little while longer.” Jing Yunzhao took responsibility for the matter, and advised him once more.

Du Lin was conflicted. “How does a mere student like you know about things like these? Being awesome at it is one thing, but when you speak, you sound like some old man. I really don’t know what kind of person taught you to the point that you became a freak.”

When he first laid eyes on Jing Yunzhao, he clearly felt that she was a 15 or 16 year old beautiful white flower. However, her image instantly transformed into a respected and mature doctor, not the image of a student. She was neither lively nor cute enough.

Perhaps because he was initially intimidated by her intelligence, but when he thought of the words ‘lively and cute’, he just couldn’t fit this description onto Jing Yunzhao. With her tranquil and faintly smiling expression, if she were to act cute towards him, he definitely wouldn’t be able to accept it.

Du Lin couldn’t resist wanting to treat her like a grown-up. This way, there wouldn’t be too many awkward moments during conversations.

He first told someone to retrieve a portion of the produce from the vehicle, before taking a look at it in detail.

Fresh. Truly fragrant. Not even a hint of the scent of herbicide or pesticide could be detected.

Truthfully, he had already felt it just now when she approached. The sweet scent these fruits gave off could be smelled even from across the yard.

But it was only after he pinched the fruits a little and tasted them that he was truly surprised.

He had come across a treasure!

This tongue of his was a gift passed down from his ancestors, what kind of taste could he not identify? He could ascertain, that if he used Jing Yunzhao’s products to make dishes, he could fully display the skills his ancestors had passed down onto him perfectly. He could even make the taste even better!

“Quickly quickly, bring down the things from the truck. Everyone be careful with them.” Du Lin’s face was beaming like the sun. He was so excited to the point where he forgot that these things belonged to Jing Yunzhao.

As friends, Jing Yunzhao had no problems giving these to Du Lin as a gift. Her motive, however, was to cooperate with him. So how could she let go of a chance like this?

She squinted her eyes and extended her hand to block Du Lin’s hurried steps towards the van. “Boss Du, since I’ve satisfied your requirements, isn’t it about time we discuss the price?”

Du Lin shivered. He suddenly thought of when he was previously suspicious of whether she could meet his needs. Now everything was great, this little sister had a temper…

Grinning, he spoke, “Don’t call me Boss Du, just call me Du-ge. It sounds better and is more intimate right? Come come come, let’s head into the building to discuss that. You can rest assured, the discussion will definitely be beneficial for you!”

If he refused to admit such excellent quality ingredients that had arrived at his doorstep, his dad would definitely beat him to death when he returned. Won’t you please read this at mehtranslations. wordpress. com ?

Previous chapter ( 121 ) | Directory | Next chapter ( 123 )

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