The Favoured Genius 121

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The Favoured Genius Doctor and Businesswoman – Chapter 121 – Treatment (治病)

Only after a significant amount of time passed, did Jing Yunzhao remove her hand.

“How is it?” With an expression of concern, Du Lin asked. At the same time, he was inquisitive of what Jing Yunzhao would come to say.

The three men in the house were staring at her, unblinkingly, causing Jing Yunzhao to feel a little unnerved, until she spoke. “Uncle Du, does your mouth taste bitter and astringent recently?”

Uncle Du nodded his head. “That’s right, especially this tooth of mine. The gentlest of touches to it would trigger an unbearably piercing pain.”

The pain wasn’t what truly worried him, but his taste buds would be affected.

“Did you also have a fever recently?” Won’t you please read this at mehtranslations. wordpress. com ?

Uncle Du nodded his head again.

Du Lin instantly held deep veneration for Jing Yunzhao. When he accompanied his dad to visit the doctors previously, those doctors only knew how to ask his father questions about his condition. There hadn’t been anyone like this girl who could tell with just one look.

“What medicine did the doctor prescribe? An antipyretic?” Jing Yunzhao asked, her voice as gentle as before.

Listening to her question, Du Lin’s eyes were almost about to pop out of their sockets and he gave her a big thumbs up. “That’s right! We consulted a western doctor and my dad got an antipyretic injection. But a few days have already passed but he still isn’t recovering…”

Jing Yunzhao had deduced the matter of the antipyretic because if it was a local doctor they consulted, those doctors would usually prescribe something that would reduce his internal heat. As long as they weren’t a quack, then Uncle Du’s toothache would already have been alleviated that day. Unfortunately, a few days had already passed with no improvements.

It wasn’t a matter of Jing Yunzhao looking down on western medicine, but everyone had something they were good at.

“This illness is actually quite easy to treat, but I’ll have to trouble Du-ge to take a trip down to the local medicinal hall to buy some herbs. I don’t need too many either, just these: Angelica root, cinnabar, and japanese catnip. Oh right, does your house have any honey?” Jing Yunzhao still did not have a medical license, so she would obviously not write a prescription for them. Additionally, the ingredients she needed were all simple and non-toxic, medicinal halls would definitely have some in stock.

Du Lin now completely trusted the words of Jing Yunzhao. He urgently nodded his head as he memorized the prescription, then packed up a few things before dashing out of the house in mere minutes.

Fortunately, there was a medicinal hall nearby. Not long after, Du Lin came rushing back.

Jing Yunzhao borrowed the Du family home’s kitchen. She dried the ‘Bai Ji’ and ground it into a powder, and then added some honey to mold it into a pill, before using the ‘Zhu Sha’ to coat the outer layer. In just a few minutes, she skilfully prepared the prescription for Uncle Du’s consumption.

The medicine wasn’t miraculous to the point where it would show an instantaneous improvement to the patient, but it assuredly did not need more than a few hours for it to show its effects.

“For the following days, please don’t consume any spicy food or anything that would cause more internal heat. Get more rest, and try not to raise your temper,” she advised.

The doctor he consulted before had likely also said the same thing, as Uncle Du made a sound of compliance. Maybe it was just a figment of his imagination, or a psychological effect even, but after downing the medicine with some water, he felt like his toothache wasn’t as unbearable as before. Considering this lass’ age, her mannerisms and speech were polite and insipid; unhurried. It had the effect of effectively alleviating his anxiousness.

Du Lin, on the other hand, was thoroughly intimidated. His expression when looking at Jing Yunzhao was measured, as if she was an endangered animal.

At the same time, however, he couldn’t resist feeling guilty about his suspicious behaviour earlier. He thought to be more polite towards her when she came tonight to deliver the ingredients, even if they did not meet his standards, lest he hurt this little sister’s feelings.

Jing Yunzhao still had classes in the afternoon, so she did not stay in the Du home any longer. After eating a meal made by Du Lin himself as a consultation fee, she was sent back by Li Shaoyun.

She had to give credit where it was due. Du Lin’s culinary skills were indeed pretty good. The dishes were even more scrumptious than Tian Xiang Lou’s. He definitely deserved the label as an Imperial Chef’s later generation.

Her intentions to cooperate with him strengthened. Won’t you please read this at mehtranslations. wordpress. com ?

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  1. Bow down to our goddess, Jing Yunzhao! She’s still learning, but isn’t she amazing?!

    Thank you for translating! I love it!
    Lol maybe it’s because I’ve been reading “Transmigrator meets Reincarnator” recently, but I can’t help the thoughts of “Foodies save the world” and “3 cheers for The Power of Foodies!” at that last sentence XD 😂

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