The Favoured Genius 120

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The Favoured Genius Doctor and Businesswoman – Chapter 120 – Birds of a Feather (同类人)

All in all, Du Lin didn’t understand Li Shaoyun. At the moment, Li Shaoyun wasn’t thinking about Yu Tian Xian. Rather, he had sensed Jing Yunzhao’s self-confidence and recalled the other sides of her, each one still fresh in his memory. Even among her peers, someone with her composure was rare.

Before, when she’d stepped out to help save that girl, completely unfazed by the blood oozing from the girl’s forehead, he had known that she was extraordinary. Li Shaoyun was a quick-tempered person who didn’t like to meddle in other people’s affairs, but after witnessing her stubbornness, he decided that she was worth getting to know. Won’t you please read this at mehtranslations. wordpress. com ?

Because of that, he had subconsciously believed it when she said that she could help out Yu Tian Xian by cooperating. Perhaps, this was a type of attraction between birds of a feather.

His lips were curved in a small smile the entire time. He looked very much like a gentleman. Occasionally, he would interject, mainly with questions about Jing Yunzhao.

For example, what kind of people raised her? Or, how were her grades? Which university did she want to attend? Career?

He was acting like a senior. Jing Yunzhao thought, fortunately, that this man was only twenty-four or twenty-five and not a middle-aged uncle. Who knew how talkative he would be then!

After about twenty minutes, the car stopped in front of a residential area with villas. However, the area wasn’t too luxurious or particularly eye-catching.

Despite his doubts, Du Lin politely invited Jing Yunzhao in. The house was quiet. An old man was the only one inside, and he was doing something in the kitchen. Du Lin led Jing Yunzhao and Li Shaoyun to sit down before heading into the kitchen.

“Aiya, Dad! This ice is so cold, what are you keeping it in your mouth for? Spit it out already!” His worried voice could be heard.

While they were in the car, Jing Yunzhao had learned that Du Lin’s mother had passed away early, so he had been brought up by his father. Although his father wasn’t very old and had all of his teeth intact, he did have some problems.

Of all ailments, Uncle Du just had to suffer from having toothaches. At some points, the pain would even take away his sense of taste, which was especially worrisome considering what his most important skill in life was—cooking.

“What do you care? This ice helps lessen the pain…” The old man grumbled, but upon noticing that they had visitors, he immediately changed his tone. “Li Shao is here? You rascal, why didn’t you tell me beforehand? I would’ve prepared some good dishes!”

As he spoke, he approached and was surprised to see an unfamiliar little girl next to Li Shaoyun.

“Uncle, this is the doctor I found for you. Let her examine your teeth,” Li Shaoyun said bluntly.

Jing Yunzhao couldn’t help but start to admire this man. Even she felt somewhat guilty referring to herself as a doctor, but Li Shaoyun had said it so calmly, as though she really was a great divine doctor.

Uncle Du blanked for a moment before saying, “Introduced by Li Shao? Then you must be extraordinary. Don’t be scared, little girl. Here, take a look.”

That surprised her even more. Just how much did this old man trust Li Shaoyun?

She felt that if Li Shaoyun wanted to sell them, they would go as far as to help him count the profit.

“Since my dad has already agreed, Yunzhao, you can rest assured,” Du Lin reassured. He knew what type of person his father was. Won’t you please read this at mehtranslations. wordpress. com ?

Since everyone was so open-minded, Jing Yunzhao naturally wouldn’t be overcautious. First, she studied the old man’s complexion. Then, she had him open his mouth and looked into it. Finally, she took his pulse. Her expression was so solemn that even Du Lin was convinced.

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