The Favoured Genius 119

Translator: Vin
Editor: Friendly Bandit
Proofreader: tarobun

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The Favoured Genius Doctor and Businesswoman – Chapter 119 – Cooperation (合作)

Yu Tian Xian indeed had potential, and Du Lin was also an outstanding individual. If everything went on the same course as it did in the past, then Du Lin would unquestionably cut a striking figure, however, his rise would stop just shy of his goal.

Jing Yunzhao’s attitude towards Du Lin improved a bit, causing Li Shaoyun to raise an eyebrow as his eyes flickered darkly. Won’t you please read this at mehtranslations. wordpress. com ?

This brat’s interest was piqued after seeing Du Lin’s business card?

Li Shaoyun was no longer calm. It was just a business card with “Yu Tian Xian” written on it, wasn’t it? In comparison, wouldn’t his own Tian Xiang Lou [1] be a notch higher? Throughout his entire life, Li Shaoyun had never been disregarded, though he’d never treated anyone differently either.

He had seen Jing Yunzhao two or three times before. This time, his spontaneous visit was only due to his belief that the brat had some potential, so he’d thought he should get acquainted with her while she was still budding. That way, it would be easier for him to lend her a helping hand later on.

However, what he didn’t expect was that she didn’t even bother to spare him a glance.

Well, that wasn’t a bad thing, at least. Du Lin had some connections in Hua Ning County, so when Li Shaoyun left for Beijing, Jing Yunzhao could turn to Du Lin for help. After all, Old Man Xu cared about this little girl, and since the Li family had good relations with the Xu family, Li Shaoyun saw her as one of his own people.

Li Shaoyun held back his temper and asked, “So you’re interested in Yu Tian Xian?”

Jing Yunzhao thought for a moment before replying, “My Master is interested in planting medicinal herbs, grain, vegetables, and so on. He has developed an effective planting technique that won’t harm or pollute the plants in any way. After listening to Big Brother Du, I thought that I could cooperate with Yu Tian Xian on my Master’s behalf.”

“Hah?” Du Lin stared at her and did not respond.

“You’re saying you want to cooperate with me? By… Selling ingredients? ” He asked in disbelief. He laughed, “If I was running an ordinary restaurant, then I wouldn’t mind cooperating, but my father has his hopes on Yu Tian Xian. The ingredients have to meet my expectations.”

Even after hearing that, Jing Yun Zhao nodded. She was not joking.

She didn’t think she was taking advantage of Du Lin. It wouldn’t be difficult for her to sell the stuff in her space. If it weren’t for her young age, any restaurant would be happy to cooperate with her. It was only a matter of time.

Du Lin was different. If he didn’t have the best ingredients, then no matter how precious his secret recipe was, the results would not be able to meet his expectations.

“How about this? Tonight, I’ll send a cart of ingredients to Yu Tian Xian. Everything will be done according to your rules. If the ingredients don’t pass, then I’ll take them with me. I won’t put you in a difficult position.” Jing Yunzhao remained calm.

Inside, she couldn’t help but laugh. She was certain that once he saw her ingredients, the rest would be smooth sailing. Du Lin looked at her suspiciously. Fortunately, she said herself that she would step back if he was dissatisfied with the ingredients. In that case, he wouldn’t have to give Li Shaoyun any face.

He snuck a glance at Li Shaoyun and was relieved to see that the man seemed to have no intentions of interfering.

Although Du Lin was the only founder of Yu Tian Xian, Li Shaoyun was his partner. Of course, Li Shaoyun had only agreed because of the former’s incessant pestering. Li Shaoyun boasted a special identity. Even in Huan Ning County, no one would dare to provoke him. Therefore, if Li Shaoyun was on the boat, then the boat would definitely not sink. Won’t you please read this at mehtranslations. wordpress. com ?

It also meant that Du Lin was helpless to reject Li Shaoyun’s decisions. Fortunately, Li Shaoyun was sensitive enough to keep his official affairs from his private affairs.

[1] If you still remember, LSY’s restaurant used to be called Xiang Hai Restaurant/Xiang Hai Lou, but now the author’s changed it to Tian Xiang Lou, so I’ve changed the ones in the initial chapters and the following ones will be using this name.

Previous chapter ( 118 ) | Directory | Next chapter ( 120 )

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