TFG 26-30 posted!

Chapters 26-30 are here!

Foreverhungry has something to say:
“I may have missed 8/8/18, but it still brings me great satisfaction to be able to post something on 18/8/18. Also happy belated 七夕! (It’s the Chinese version of Valentine’s Day)

Oh did I mention it’s also death day? Now I did, k bai lemme continue dying”

Chapter 26
Chapter 27
Chapter 28
Chapter 29
Chapter 30


TFG 6-10 posted!

Chapters 6-10 are up! ;u;

Also: we’re looking for editors!

Foreverhungry’s editors are usually dead or half-dead so she’ll appreciate some help ;u; The chapters are short: less than 2,000 words per chapter. But we’re only looking for free labor because we don’t profit from this. So yeah, if you’re free, can edit, would love to help, please drop by our discord and ping @Empress Dowager, or @Royalty.

Chapter 6
Chapter 7
Chapter 8
Chapter 9
Chapter 10

TFG 105 and 106 up on Tumblr

Hello, Lynn here. We’ve decided how we’re going to do things. So, some clarifications:

1. We’re still moving to this WP site, that’s for sure (you can even see Chapters 1-5 up now ;u;)
2. We’re NOT retranslating chapters 1-100. We’re re-editing it (because they weren’t edited then), before re-posting it to WP (here).
3. We’re going to post the latest chapters (Chapter 101, and onwards) on Tumblr, while we haven’t finished reuploading the first hundred chapters here.

Sorry if it’s a bit messy, but we figured this would be the best way to transition switching sites since the novelupdates chapter listing would be messed up if we posted the latest chapters here, too.

So while Chapter 1-100 isn’t up on WP, all the latest chapter updates would be posted on Tumblr.

That’s all, thanks for your patience, and cheers! 😀

Chapter 105
Chapter 106