It’s the last weekend of the year, are you guys prepared for the jokes?

I just remembered all those super lame “I haven’t ___ since last year!” jokes I’m pretty sure everyone receives at some point at the beginning of the year and mentally preparing myself for it even though I’m one of them *coughs*

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Saturday would be 5/8 (I’m starting to lose track rip)

Chapter 123



I’ve been receiving my tributes from you guys since day 1, and im just hnng ❤ bc the cuteness killed me

So while creating this post, I decided. I’ll add in my favourites, chosen from the ones that were given to me, in the last christmas chapter and you guys can fawn over them too! Cuteness and precious beings need to be shared! If you have more, quickly throw ’em at me!!! I might even open the window to include other fluffies if they’re cute enough so don’t hold back!

And so, while looking forward to more, here’s chapter 4/8

Chapter 122

Christmas is the season of giving, but what do you do if you don’t celebrate it?

I don’t celebrate Christmas, but hey that doesn’t mean everyone else should be miserable over it right? So I decided to give you guys a little something. Your presents from us this Christmas are… *drumrolls*


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We toiled over this for quite a while (I translated like I was on steroids lmao) so a tiny request? They’re very simple and selfish little things for your favourite only translator…

Cat pics/gifs.

Cute. Lovable. Funny. Fluffy. You name it, I want it.

Either join our discord and chuck them at me, or share it in the comments!

That was long wasn’t it;;; Oops, welp. Either way, enjoy your chapters!

Chapter 119

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