Chapter 156


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I’ve changed my name from Foreverhungry to Kyo576 now, you don’t really have to take note? I just wanted to inform you guys (it also makes it easier for yall to find me on discord if you ever want to)

Edit: I also forgot to say that we now have a wattpad, it will be cross posted there but it wont be updated as quickly because priorities will be on wordpress

Chapter 155

Final chapter of River God!

Sorry for the long wait! This chapter is longer than usual and ! just…died 2/3 way in. SO. I got someone to help me out, many thanks to THIS BRO, you guys could only have this chapter because of her, and the speedy edits of Mimishijie ❤ sorry im so useless

Also, I’ve changed my name to Kyo576 now, because I think Foreverhungry…doesn’t really apply anymore.

River God 5


Late chapter

Sorry, we were all kinda busy >< but here ya go now, enjoy~

Chapter 145

Random daily life of FH: my friend’s cat had kittens a few days ago and they’re so cuteeeee! Mama cat is also really cute and possessive of them which is understandable, but it makes everything cuter (as long as we ignore all the gore and gunk)

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I finished my submission for last week xD *sprays confetti* but I still have 3 submissions for the end of the month aha

Here’s chapter 135 that I missed last week and this week’s 135 (I threw in 137 as a bonus because i’ll probably go back to being ded again in april for a while bc exams)

Did I mention we got a new translator? You won’t be seeing them until 150 though, so be patient~ (yes I’ve stockpiled that much I just don’t have time to post bc lynn is even more ded than I am apparently + editors also ded so majority are unedited)

Chapter 135
Chapter 136
Chapter 137

Chapter 134

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Friendly reminder that we’re still recruiting!!! It hasn’t closed!

Out of topic, but is there anyone who knows how to write a memorandum of advice??? My lecturer made it our assignment but didn’t teach us or give us any samples or even touch on the topic *crais*