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btw we’re trying out something new so tell us if the links don’t work k?


I’m bac! (temp)

I finished my submission for last week xD *sprays confetti* but I still have 3 submissions for the end of the month aha

Here’s chapter 135 that I missed last week and this week’s 135 (I threw in 137 as a bonus because i’ll probably go back to being ded again in april for a while bc exams)

Did I mention we got a new translator? You won’t be seeing them until 150 though, so be patient~ (yes I’ve stockpiled that much I just don’t have time to post bc lynn is even more ded than I am apparently + editors also ded so majority are unedited)

Chapter 135
Chapter 136
Chapter 137

Chapter 134

I managed to have some time to post this so here you go


Friendly reminder that we’re still recruiting!!! It hasn’t closed!

Out of topic, but is there anyone who knows how to write a memorandum of advice??? My lecturer made it our assignment but didn’t teach us or give us any samples or even touch on the topic *crais*

I’ve Finally Updated!!!


It’s been a hectic two weeks for me, because of festivities (Chinese new year last week) and my assignment that was due yesterday (yes the only date I had on valentine’s day was my assignment due date aren’t I sad) Hope y’all will forgive me ><

I’ll post both last week and this week’s chapter so we are technically going according to schedule (ehehe)

Chapters are ≦(._.)≧ , and this one ( ̄^ ̄メ)\(_ _ ; ) is kinda cute, but look forward to the coming chapters bc those are funnier XD (spoilers in our discord!)

What they say about college is true

“ny free time you have in college is because you’re procrastinating

This is true. I’ve had three tests in the past week. It’s only the fifth week of school. I’m going to die _:(´ཀ`」∠):_

Anyway, here’s the second chapter! o(≧∇≦o)

This one is quite fluffy, and please ignore the comments in brackets (like this), those are from me lel.

Update on NSFW content: At chapter 4 with none of it in sight so I guess there won’t be any? Fingers crossed uwu (for which tho ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) )

On another note, me during my ‘spare’ time has started stalking cats on insta. I’ve come across quite a few cute and funny and extreeeeeeemely beautiful ones (like omg she looks like a spirit???) so join our discord at the end of the chapter to take a look at our #pet-house! (too bad I can’t download the videos – of which I don’t know how to even if I can – bc those are the best)

I’m so sorry this announcement is so late???

I’m really sorry omg but please have chapter idek what now

On the other hand, I was engrossed in reading this one BL Quick Transmigration novel that’s super face slapping and super satisfactory??? I forgot the title but i’ll mention it next time again

Also, if you haven’t seen the new novel I picked up, here it is~

Decisions, decisions… (。 ́︿ ̀。)

So. Random announcement out of nowhere.

Why? Σ(・□・;)

Because I’m made of cotton with an equally soft will. You guys better love me and my editors  o(`ω´ )o

And so under the protests of my sane mind ♪(´ε` ), I’ve decided to increase our release rates to weekly updates, every Wednesday, 12 noon (GMT+8) ٩(˃̶͈̀௰˂̶͈́)و

At least, yknow, until i probably die or smth and can’t push out a chapter a week/ the editors ded

Otherwise: ╭(╯3╰)╮

First chapter of the new novel ~\(≧▽≦)/~

Exactly what the title says! (*^o^*) But in case you don’t know, I’ve picked up a novel called ‘The Right Way to Offer a Sacrifice to the River God’ O(∩_∩)O~

Short story, BL (not sure if its R18), a quick whirlwind type of romance story! (。ì _ í。)

Enjoy~ ∠( ᐛ 」∠)_

FYI this story is seperated into several parts in one chapter, so it might be a bit disconnecting (>人<;)

(i found out that chinese keyboard also had kaomojis (⁎⁍̴̛ᴗ⁍̴̛⁎) so this is just me exploring them, humor me (´・_・`))