Meh Translations

(members + descriptions/unsolicited comments by Lynn (and some rei) – as of June 12, 2019)
Foreverhungry – rei is queen, rei is bae, rei is also salt, (by rei) rei is also in uni and wondering why she made this decision

Translation Checkers:
vivi – idk yet

Sleepy Fox – ❤ ❤ a sweetheart ❤ ❤
Ome – she's back 😀 still think of omelettes when I see her name
Friendly Bandit – bandit hope u slay all those assignments
vo – praise her lots to make her function (and make her sleep wtf)

none are active 😦 come join us and help proofread chapters!

Lynn – in charge of the site and manage-y stuff; posts chapters and most likely to be the one to respond to your comments (as lyxiasclawenhart)
(by rei) bless her she’s precious and also our alarm clock, aka 98% the reason you guys get your chapters in time (2% the team’s efforts praise us)
aw thanks rei

Retired Members:
(tl) vin – OP af
(tl)(MIA) TeaAddict – Rei thinks she’s a godsend based on her TL test >u> but wer u at rn :((
(edit) Avaricious – it’s ava
(edit)(indefinitely ded :<) Cosmic – bless him omg does his work on time i hope he Steps On All Of His Problems and Dominate bless this dude
(pr)(MIA) librismuse – we've never talked but she did her work on time so 11/10 u great ninja proofreader
(pr) Tarobun – (by rei) her work was good but she suddenly went poof (her name makes me hungry)
(pr) Chiyo – (by rei) also went poof, why do our proofreaders like to go poof? *crai*
//i mean it's proofreader not poofreader right?

We’ll always welcome people who’d like to help out so we can churn out translations at a faster pace ;u; Just contact us and give us a holler!


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