Fluff me.

Right so I totally forgot about throwing in my favourite cat gif/pics last chapter, so imma do it here. I’ve been feeling pretty ugh lately too, not sure why (probs uni but *shrugs*) so these are like a super soothing balm that makes my heart go kyun~! (along with the other cat profiles I’m stalking on instagram)

Have fun staring at these little guys for a while (I don’t have a link to credit them but I own none of these! All rights go to their respective… makers?)

And I received a lovely little thing(what do you call these i didn’t take literature) to go with one i posted during the xmas season, here we go:

“Lol On the Second Day of Christmas, Meh Translations gave to me~ Chap~ter 120~
And in return we give them~ k~i~tties~
Like this one kitty in A Christmas Tree~”

—Bye Squirty Steamed Rice (Zhenfan)

It was cute uwu

Had your fill staring at these loops of adorable and hilarious fluffs? Well, here’s Chapter 128 for ya~

Fun fact: the alternative title for this was meow meow motherf***er but it’s not age appropriate so


Author: warewarei576

Translator @Mehtranslations

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