TFG 164

Hai all, new recruit Mel here. I’m going to be taking over for Lynn. Hopefully I met all expectations. Happy cooperation! ~(-.-)~

Here’s the new chapter!

Chapter 164


TFG 163

Kyo: I do not allow, condone, and am not involved in any sharing of my work on other sites, especially if it’s for profit for all of my stories.

Lynn: For reference, right now we’re putting our translations only on WordPress(here, where you’re seeing this announcement!), and Wattpad(over here).

Chapter 163

TFG 162

Kyo says:

‘No one liked the previous chapter, it wasn’t a nice one, and things go downhill a bit more before we can see some face slapping, so everyone persist!

In the meantime, I’ve submitted an assignment last week……
One down, 4 more with 3 tests and 4 exams to go…’

Here’s Chapter 162!

TFG 160 + something new? :o

A few hours late, but here’s Chapter 160.

If you would like to have possibly faster chapter releases and you know how to translate Chinese to English, then maybe you’d like to join us as a translator! Just contact us here, or ping me (@Lynn#6846) in our discord.

But, Lynn, what’s this something new you speak of? Well, I have no idea either.


Keep your eyes peeled since we’ll soon be posting a teaser chapter Kyo picked up!

TFG 159

edit: Forgot to add some announcements 😅

We have a Ko-fi! If you’ve been itching to send us some more appreciation, you can head right to it on our sidebar!

Also, Kyo wanted to ask if there’s anything you guys wanted to see in our site. We’re taking note of suggestions to improve the place, so if you have some in mind, tell us in the comments or in our discord!

here chap:

Chapter 159

TFG 158

hai, it’s ya girl Lynn back from the dead! She’s here to post the chap announcement! But before that:

We’re still looking for translators who can help us (Kyo, in particular, as she’s our only translator right now) with TFG ;u; If you wanna send us a lifeline, please do leave us a message on our Contact page, or ping me @Lynn#6846 on our discord! We do this translation for free, so please don’t payment if you’re gonna apply ;u; sometimes we get cat pics though

also, have some cat pics from your translator, Kyo576:

Here’s your chap! Chapter 158

Name change

I’ve changed my name from Foreverhungry to Kyo576 now, you don’t really have to take note? I just wanted to inform you guys (it also makes it easier for yall to find me on discord if you ever want to)

Edit: I also forgot to say that we now have a wattpad, it will be cross posted there but it wont be updated as quickly because priorities will be on wordpress

Chapter 155