TFG 142 :o

lynn won’t be around this week to read and like your comments. lynn will read and like next week. thank.

here’s your chapter!

edit: FH would also like to appeal that she reads and likes too and would like for the people who join discord to actually talk to me


river god chap ya!!

foreverhungry asked me to post this so

(lynn’s 4 am babbling ahead feel free to not read; ALSO i also put a page break because wow i didn’t know it did that until the preview so you really don’t have to go to the next page lol)

Announcement + new chap

hey, i swear i totally didn’t forget to post the chap today,,,

On a more serious note though: Please don’t retranslate our work without permission.

We found a site retranslating the chapters of TFG to Russian, and making profit off of it. Please don’t do that, especially since you didn’t ask.


anyhoo, here’s your not-forgotten chap: 140

I’m bac! (temp)

I finished my submission for last week xD *sprays confetti* but I still have 3 submissions for the end of the month aha

Here’s chapter 135 that I missed last week and this week’s 135 (I threw in 137 as a bonus because i’ll probably go back to being ded again in april for a while bc exams)

Did I mention we got a new translator? You won’t be seeing them until 150 though, so be patient~ (yes I’ve stockpiled that much I just don’t have time to post bc lynn is even more ded than I am apparently + editors also ded so majority are unedited)

Chapter 135
Chapter 136
Chapter 137

Chapter 134

I managed to have some time to post this so here you go


Friendly reminder that we’re still recruiting!!! It hasn’t closed!

Out of topic, but is there anyone who knows how to write a memorandum of advice??? My lecturer made it our assignment but didn’t teach us or give us any samples or even touch on the topic *crais*